Grooming a Bolognese Dog

Regular care will keep your Bolognese looking his best.
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Regular grooming of your Bolognese dog is very important because of the nature of his coat. Bolognese dogs have a lot of hair, and they don't shed. Regular grooming is necessary not only to prevent tangles but to remove dead hair as well.

Step 1

Start by washing around the eyes and mouth with a damp cotton ball. This will prevent tear stains from developing and remove any food residue from around your pet's mouth before it has a chance to cause mats.

Step 2

Clean the ears. Dampen the ear canal with commercial ear cleaner and massage the outer ear for a few seconds to soften any debris. Use a cotton ball to wipe out the cleaner and debris, then finish up by drying out the ear with a clean cotton ball.

Step 3

Use a wide-tooth comb to comb the hair on your pup's face, being particularly gentle around the eyes and mouth. Pay special attention to the area under the ears, where mats often develop.

Step 4

Lay your pup on his back, so you can groom his belly and legs. Use the wide-tooth comb first, then the pin brush to smooth the hair down. Pay attention to the areas where the leg joins the body, as it is prone to developing tangles.

Step 5

Stand your dog up and brush the hair on his back. Again, use the wide-tooth comb first, followed by the pin brush.

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