How to Train a Doberman Pinscher to Stay

"Stay" is an essential command to teach a dobe.
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The doberman is a natural-born service dog that's constantly looking for new activities to learn. The dobe loves attention during training sessions and catches on to new commands quicker than most breeds. Your dobe will stay patiently within a matter of weeks with consistent training using positive reinforcement.

Step 1

Give your dobe the "sit" command. You can't teach "stay" until your doberman has mastered sit. To teach sit, hold a treat in front of your dobe's nose so he can smell and taste the treat. Move the treat over his muzzle and over his head, so his nose follows and points to the ceiling. In an attempt to balance, the dobe will naturally move to sit. As soon as his butt touches the floor, enthusiastically say “good sit” and give the treat. Continue to practice until your dobe sits on command with only verbal praise.

Step 2

Give the stay command as your dobe is sitting. Say “stay” while standing toe-to-toe with your dobe. After 5 seconds, praise him verbally and with treats. If your dobe stands before the 5 seconds are up, do not give the treat and do not reprimand the dobe. Simply start over by telling him to sit and do not give the treat until he has stayed for 5 seconds. Once staying for 5 seconds, move so you're standing next to your dobe before giving the treat.

Step 3

Stand 3 feet away for 30 seconds. After one week of your dobe staying in the sit position for 5 seconds and continuing to stay while you move to your doberman's side, increase the difficulty. Say “sit” and then “stay” while moving backwards 3 feet. Maintain eye contact with your dobe. Remain 3 feet away from your dobe for 30 seconds and praise him with treats if he stays sitting during the entire process. Once successful at staying for 30 seconds, move so you're standing next to your dobe before giving the treat. If he stands, start over.

Step 4

Give the sit-stay command while opening the front door. The stay command can save your dobe's life since it stops him from running into a busy street. With your dobe on a leash, give the sit-stay command. Open the door. If your dobe stays for 60 seconds, praise him and reward him with a walk, outside playtime or even a car ride, according to the Humane Society of the United States.

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