How to Tire a Hyper Dog

Kicking it up a bit during playtime may help burn that energy.
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Playful, energetic pups are a joy most times. Sometimes, though, your pooch may get a little too hyper and need to be worn out. While a little extra playtime could do the trick, hyper behavior could be part of a medical condition or due to his diet.

Step 1

Make an appointment with your vet to make sure there's nothing going on with your pooch that is causing hyper behavior or excess energy, especially if this behavior is new. This will help rule out medical and dietary concerns, plus your vet may be able to give you suggestions for your particular pooch.

Step 2

Kick up the exercise during the day. Burning energy for a pup does the same things it does for you: it burns calories, exercises his body and helps burn energy. Pick up the pace during your daily walks or walk for an extra 10 to 15 minutes. During playtime, kick it up a bit by throwing the ball a little further, playing tag or something similar.

Step 3

Let him know it's time to settle down. Sometimes dogs just don't understand they're tired or that it's time to calm down and enjoy some peace, much like human kids. If he's already had a busy day like normal and just won't quit, ignore his behaviors completely. Don't push him down with your hands or react in any way, as this gives him the attention he so desperately wants. Ignore him by watching television or going about your normal routine.

Step 4

Calm yourself to help calm your dog. Even if you're feeling worn out, you could still be projecting a great deal of energy through stress or other behaviors you may not even realize. Your dog will mirror your energy, so relieve some of your energy to see if it helps. Relax in a bubble bath, read a book quietly or go for a jog with your pup.

Step 5

Give your pup something to do that takes focus or that will take his mind off his energy level. A chew toy filled with treats or frozen with natural peanut butter will keep him occupied for a bit. Enriching toys, like those that he has to work at to play with, are ideal ways to get him to refocus.

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