How to Train Puppies That Are Super Hyper & Easily Distracted

Hyper behavior can make it difficult for your puppy to concentrate.
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Puppies that are super hyper and easily distracted are a challenge, but once you have their attention they can make excellent companions. A certain amount of hyperactivity is normal with young dogs and will go away with maturity. Managing your pet's lifestyle can make the training process easier while you wait.

Step 1

Play with your dog. Letting your puppy into a fenced backyard or allowing him to run loose in the house will not provide the level of play needed to calm him. Take him for regular, long walks, play fetch or run around with him, playing an impromptu game of chase.

Step 2

Provide access to other dogs for playtime. Providing him with playmates helps prevent him from thinking of you as a littermate. As soon as he has received his vaccinations, get in the habit of regular visits to a local dog park or setting up play dates with friends who have dogs.

Step 3

Keep training sessions short. Ten minutes, twice a day is enough to teach your dog without him becoming hyper or anxious.

Step 4

Concentrate on teaching a reliable "sit." Make the sit command the priority with your hyper puppy. If he quickly settles into a sit, you can put on your shoes, attach a leash or do whatever else you need to do before you start training. This makes the training session much smoother than if it starts with your puppy jumping, spinning and running off, looking at you (adorably, of course) over his shoulder.

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