How to Teach a Boxer to Relax

Your high-energy boxer needs constructive activities or he'll resort to destructive ones.
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Boxers are energetic, strong and highly intelligent -- so plan on yours keeping you busy. He'll be looking for trouble if you don't keep him otherwise engaged. While a boxer may never truly relax on the inside, training and supervised activity can keep your dog behaving in a relaxed and calm manner.

Step 1

Teach your boxer that jumping on anyone -- part of his excitable nature -- is not acceptable. Bred to take down large animals, your boxer will think nothing of knocking down a human he is excited to see. When he acts crazy and begins to jump up, walk away from him into another room, closing the door for a minute before re-entering. This teaches him his behavior is unacceptable. Greet him quietly. If he repeats jumping, repeat the walking-away punishment. Continue this exercise until the jumping stops; praise him every time you greet him and he doesn't jump up. This same exercise works if others who visit or live in the household will employ it.

Step 2

Walk your boxer a couple times daily. He needs plenty of play to work off his abundance of natural energy. When he is kept physically exercised, he will not have the stamina to look for trouble or act out in the house.

Step 3

Ignore hyper behavior. If he gets attention during an outburst -- such as jumping on someone -- he interprets the behavior as acceptable. Instead, walk away and give him no touching, talk or eye contact. Repeat this exercise whenever crazy outbursts occur.

Step 4

Ask your veterinarian about aromatherapy. Dogs are influenced by scent; air diffusers can dispense calming potions in the house to cut down on hyperactive tendencies.

Step 5

Engage your boxer mentally with stimulating toys and challenges. Place treats in a hiding spot or inside a toy to make him work for it. Teach him new tricks and commands in short bursts -- five to 10 minute sessions are optimal for high-energy dogs. Rotate his toys every few days so he does not become bored with them.

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