How to Teach a Yorkie to Give a High-Five

It's treat time.
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Sports enthusiasts often give each other a high-five to convey excitement. You can teach your Yorkshire terrier, commonly called a Yorkie, to join in on the fun on game day with you and your pals. The high-five command is taught from a “sit” position, so you will teach that to your pet first.


Step 1

Sit down on the floor with your Yorkie standing in front of you and facing you.

Step 2

Hold a dog treat in one hand between your thumb and forefinger. Allow her to see and smell the treat, but do not give it to her yet.

Step 3

Move the treat in the air above her snout and over her head in a slight arc to her tail while saying “sit.” As she follows the treat through the air, her natural reaction is to sit on her hind end. As soon as her rear touches the floor, give her the treat and tell her “good sit, good girl.”

Step 4

Push her hind end down gently with your free hand if she does not sit on her own. Practice training her to sit several times a day in short sessions of about 10 minutes.


Step 1

Sit on the floor with your dog in front of you and ask her to sit. Give her a treat for sitting.

Step 2

Hold a treat in one hand. Tell your dog “high five” and raise your other hand at about her shoulder height with your hand open, palm facing her and your fingertips pointing up.

Step 3

Take her paw in the hand with the treat and touch it to your open hand. Say “good high five” and immediately give her the treat. You may have to touch her paw to your hand a few times, and then she should touch your hand on her own to receive a nice treat.

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