How to Give an Aggressive Cat an Injection

Wrap your kitty with love and a towel and save your sanity.
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Giving a cat a shot can hurt you more than the kitty when she freaks out and starts scratching and biting. That kind of anxiety isn't good for your or your feline friend, but the medication is necessary to keep her healthy and happy. Help keep your pet calm and your hands scratch-free by restraining her gently with a fluffy bath towel, making her warm and cozy while you give her the meds.

Step 1

Lay a towel on the floor and spread it out fully. A small or medium-size bath towel is best; hand towels aren't normally big enough.

Step 2

Place some of your kitty's favorite cat food on one long edge of the towel, about 12 inches from one short end. Put it on a flat plate instead of in a bowl.

Step 3

Call your cat to eat or encourage her to come onto the towel by picking her up, if she's not too aggressive, or by teasing her there with her favorite toy. Wait until she lies down on the towel to eat, or at least until she gets her body low.

Step 4

Place one hand on the back of her neck with firm pressure to hold her in place while you quickly wrap the short end of the towel around her body, starting with her neck. Tuck it snugly around her body without lifting her up.

Step 5

Pull the front edge of the towel forward, in front of the kitty's face. Hold the towel in place while you wrap the rest of the towel around her body gently, keeping it snug without binding her.

Step 6

Tuck the front corner around the bottom of her neck to help hold her inside the towel. Once again, this should be snug without being tight enough to choke her. Her entire face should be exposed.

Step 7

Hold her body against yours under one arm, lying beside her on the floor, or have a friend hold her securely. Give her the injection as the vet showed you. Sometimes you should pinch up a bit of skin for a subcutaneous shot, which you can usually give in the back of the neck without releasing too much of the cat's body from the towel. To give the shot in her hip, lift up just enough towel from her rear end to administer the shot in her muscle without letting her back feet get free.

Always check with your veterinarian before changing your pet’s diet, medication, or physical activity routines. This information is not a substitute for a vet’s opinion.

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