How to Give a Cat Hairball Gel

Self-grooming may be normal, but can lead to hairballs.

Self-grooming may be normal, but can lead to hairballs.

Finding a still-warm pile of regurgitated fur is not only unappealing, it may be indicative of an underlying health issue. Hairballs occur when your cat grooms herself and swallows loose hair, and hairball gel may help cut down on this stomach-turning problem.

Contact your vet before giving your cat any kind of medicine. Recurring hairballs may be a sign of illness, and your vet will run a number of tests to make sure your cat isn’t suffering from an underlying medical condition. Your vet will also instruct you on the proper dose of hairball gel for your cat to avoid an accidental overdose.

Place a dose of gel on your cat’s paw. Hold his foot gently in one hand, and squirt a little gel onto the tip of his toes. Most cats will lick the gel off their toes without a fight.

Hold the kitty in your lap and apply a drop of gel to your index finger. Lift the cat’s lips and rub the gel gently over his teeth. He will open his mouth and lick the gel from his teeth. Give him a treat after dosing to make it a positive experience.

Add a dollop of hairball gel to the end of a cotton swab and carefully open the cat’s mouth with your hands. Place the gel as far back on the cat’s tongue as you can, and pet the underside of the cat’s chin to encourage him to close his mouth.

Items you will need

  • Cotton swabs
  • Treats


  • Most hairball gels are flavored and your cat will readily ingest them.


  • Don’t mix the gel in with food or treats. Hairball remedies are designed to clean the hair from the belly, and mixing with food may give your furry feline an upset tummy.

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