How to Teach a Doberman Pinscher to Sit

Sit is an easy command for a Doberman.
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The Doberman is one of the easiest breeds to train and the sit command is not even a challenge for this dog. It's amazing how quickly the Dobe masters basic obedience commands. Most Dobes will be sitting within a couple of days of practice.

Step 1

Hold a leash in one hand and a treat in the other hand. Stand directly in front of your Dobe and allow him to smell and lick the treat, but do not allow him to take it from you. Use a small treat that's easy to chew, such as cut-up turkey hot dogs, liver or cooked chicken pieces.

Step 2

Give the command to sit. Say, “Sit” and raise the treat over the top of your Dobe's nose and over his head so his nose is pointing toward the ceiling. Your Dobe's back knees will get wobbly and he'll start bending his knees and assume the sit position to keep his balance. As soon as his butt hits the ground, give him the treat and enthusiastically say “Good dog! Good sit!”

Step 3

Practice sitting several times per day. Have your Dobe sit in each room of the house, in the yard, at the park and even randomly during walks. This teaches your Dobie to obey the command regardless of distractions in the present location.

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