How to Switch a Puppy to a Different Dog Food

Changing your pup's food too quickly can result in indigestion and even dehydration.
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No stomach upset, no diarrhea and no vomiting are the goals when switching a puppy to a different dog food. Whether your pup is ready for adult food or you want to change his kibble to a better quality food, the process is the same -- do it slowly.

Step 1

Measure out 75 percent of your pup's old food in a measuring cup and place it in his dish. If he is used to having one cup of food, measure out 3/4 cup of food. Add 25 percent of the new food and mix the two foods together. Feed him this mixture for two to three days.

Step 2

Increase the new food ratio to the old food ratio. Combine equal amounts of each food, or 50 percent of each type. Mix them together and feed him this blend for another two to three days.

Step 3

Increase the new food to 75 percent and decrease the old food to 25 percent. Mix the two foods together and -- you can probably guess -- feed him this mixture for another two to three days.

Step 4

Switch to the new food. Your pup should be able to handle 100 percent of the new food. If he has indigestion or diarrhea, mix in some of the old food for a few more days.

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