How to Transfer a Kitten to Adult Dry Food

Avoid any sudden change in food or your kitty may have digestive problems.
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She still runs, climbs and rolls on the floor, but your playful kitten is growing into an adult cat. Kitten food was nutritionally dense for her once-small belly. Now that belly is bigger and ready for an adult food that won't pack on the pounds.

Step 1

Decide at what age to change from kitten food to adult dry food. Cat food labels will suggest changing when your kitten is 1 year old. However, talk with your veterinarian. Each cat grows at a different rate. She may be ready to transition to adult food before she is a year old.

Step 2

Choose a dry cat food with high-quality ingredients. Look for the Association of American Feed Control Official's seal of approval on the cat food. Cat food that is "complete and balanced" must meet the Association's standards.

Step 3

Weigh your kitten before changing over to the adult food. You want to maintain her weight with the new food.

Step 4

Fill your cat's dish with 75 percent kitten food and 25 percent adult food. Use a measuring cup to adjust the ratio. Feed this ratio for one to two days.

Step 5

Mix the foods in equal amounts. Feed this ratio for one to two days.

Step 6

Feed your cat a mixture of 75 percent adult food and 25 percent kitten food. Feed this ratio for one to two days.

Step 7

Change to 100 percent adult food. At this time, weigh your kitty to see if she is gaining or losing weight. Continue to weigh her weekly, and adjust the amount you feed her so she is maintaining a healthy weight, as suggested by your veterinarian.

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