How to Stop a Dog from Scattering Food from the Bowl

A bigger bowl could be the answer.
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Does it look like a dog-food bomb went off every time your dog finishes eating? If you're tired of sweeping food off the floor after each meal, there's hope. No need to banish Fido to the yard, either. Just a few simple changes should do the trick.

Step 1

Get a bigger bowl. It could really be as simple as that. If you have a small bowl and you fill it to the rim, is it any wonder that food ends up all over the place? Instead, get a dish two or three times as large as the amount of food you serve. The deeper the better. Then dare your dog to scatter food around it while eating his dinner.

Step 2

Switch to a raised bowl. If Fido has a stiff neck or is getting older and having trouble bending down, he might be scattering food by accident when trying to eat. You would too if you had arthritis and had to almost kneel on the ground to get your food.

Step 3

Feed your dog more often, rather than just twice a day. One of the reasons food scatters is that dogs eat more quickly when they're really hungry. And quick eaters are, well, messy eaters. Try leaving food out so your dog grazes throughout the day, or try three smaller meals rather than two big ones.

Step 4

Place a large plastic tray with high edges under the bowl. Any food that comes flying off the bowl will land on the tray. A quick shake into the trash can after dinner and you're done. Sure, this doesn't stop the actual scattering, but it's a lot easier than picking up dry kibble from all over your kitchen.

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