How to Feed Bubble Tip Anemone

Through their relationship with photosynthesizing microorganisms, bubble tip anemones obtain much of the energy they need from light. You'll provide the rest with a selection of “meaty” -- which in this context actually means fishy -- foods. Bubble tip anemones are not particularly fussy eaters.

Defrost the piece of fish or shrimp if you are using frozen food.

Wash your hands and rinse thoroughly to remove any traces of soap or moisturizer, the tiniest scrap of which could contaminate a saltwater tank.

Cut off a half-inch or larger chunk off the food, depending on the size of the anemone.

Pick up the food with aquarium forceps and drop it onto the tentacles of the anemone. Don’t push the food at the anemone and do not use your bare hands – you might get stung.

Feed the anemone one to three times a week. Smaller anemones need more frequent meals than large ones.

Items you will need

  • Frozen, freeze-dried or fresh shrimp or fish
  • Knife
  • Aquarium forceps


  • Bubble tip anemones need a powerful aquarium light for about 12 hours a day.
  • If your anemone has a clown fish, you don’t need to feed it very often -- the clown fish will provide the anemone with food.


  • Bubble tip anemones are for experienced aquarists, as are saltwater tanks in general. Even the most tolerant aquarium creatures can be a challenge, and new aquarists have a steep learning curve to climb. For your first tank, it is much more sensible to go for a freshwater tropical tank with some relatively hardy fish such as guppies.
  • Bubble tip anemones may catch and kill small fish, although they are compatible with several species of clown fish.
  • Always buy captive-bred anemones. The trade in wild-caught aquarium fish and invertebrates is causing serious conservation problems in some areas.

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