How to Feed Bubble Tip Anemone

Through their relationship with photosynthesizing microorganisms, bubble tip anemones obtain much of the energy they need from light. You'll provide the rest with a selection of “meaty” -- which in this context actually means fishy -- foods. Bubble tip anemones are not particularly fussy eaters.

Step 1

Defrost the piece of fish or shrimp if you are using frozen food.

Step 2

Wash your hands and rinse thoroughly to remove any traces of soap or moisturizer, the tiniest scrap of which could contaminate a saltwater tank.

Step 3

Cut off a half-inch or larger chunk off the food, depending on the size of the anemone.

Step 4

Pick up the food with aquarium forceps and drop it onto the tentacles of the anemone. Don’t push the food at the anemone and do not use your bare hands – you might get stung.

Step 5

Feed the anemone one to three times a week. Smaller anemones need more frequent meals than large ones.

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