How to Shave a Yorkie Yourself

Your Yorkie's coat can make her hot during the warmer parts of the year.

Your Yorkie's coat can make her hot during the warmer parts of the year.

Making the decision to shave your Yorkie can save you considerable time on grooming as well as money at the groomer. It also can help your dog beat the heat if you live in a warm climate. You can shave your Yorkie from the comfort of your own home. Be aware that practice makes perfect and your first attempt at shaving your dog may be less than professional but hair grows back and after a few tries you should be able to have your dog's coat looking smooth and manageable.

Put the half-inch guard on your clippers and turn them on. Make sure they are oiled and remember to continually monitor them so that they do not become too hot while you are using them.

Introduce your dog to the clippers. If she has been shaved before, she should be fine with them, though she probably will want to give them a sniff or two. If she is afraid of them, you need to desensitize her to the noise and feel of the clippers before you start using them.

Restrain your dog by attaching her to a professional groomer quality restraint. Professional restraints are available for purchase online as well as from pet stores and groomers. These items are designed to tether your Yorkie in place and apply pressure on the lead part of the restraint if she tries to escape from you while you are clipping her.

Gently begin shaving your dog using the clippers. Make sure you go with the grain of the fur rather than against it. You should start at your dog's neck and work your way back from there. Most people do not shave their Yorkie's face. Trim face hair to desired length with a pair of grooming scissors.

Shave your dog's entire coat until it is one consistent length. Make sure to be careful when you shave the chest and legs. Avoid cutting your dog with the clippers while you shave her nipple areas as well as her legs.

Wash dog to remove all loose hair after you are done clipping her.

Items you will need

  • Clippers with a 1/2 inch guard
  • Leash or other restraint
  • Grooming scissors


  • It is possible to cut your dog with the clippers if you are not careful or try to rush the shaving job. Your dog may respond aggressively if you cut her.

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