How Often Do You Give Yorkies a Haircut?

Yorkie puppies can be trimmed regularly or you can allow their hair to grow long.
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A Yorkie's fine, silky hair grows quickly and should be trimmed about once a month. If you trim the face and ears at home, you may be able to trim the body every six to eight weeks. Daily grooming is required to avoid mats and knots, however.

The Puppy Cut

A Yorkie puppy's hair grows a bit slower than an adult's. Your Yorkie will need her first haircut around 4 months of age. Her face, mouth and ears may need trimming sooner to keep her ears clean and the hair out of her eyes. Seek the assistance of your breeder or a professional groomer initially even if you want to trim your pup at home. A hands-on lesson to demonstrate the proper way to trim will make the process easier for you and the puppy. Start early, so your puppy becomes used to the regular grooming and trimming she will need.

Keep Ears Trimmed

Yorkie ears should be trimmed so that the point is clean. Short, straight-edged scissors or those with a rounded edge can be used to trim the outside of the ear. Check the hair inside your Yorkie's ears regularly for dirt or wax. Clean the inside ear with a cotton ball and ear-cleaning solution for pets, and use a hemostat or tweezers to remove the hair inside the ear.

Trimming the Face

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Keep the hair around your puppy's eyes short so her vision is clear. Trim the hair around her mouth at the same time. Use rounded scissors to avoid poking her, since puppies tend to squirm. Get your puppy accustomed to this before you trim her eyes by wiping them daily with a damp tissue. Touch her face frequently so she becomes used to being handled before you need to trim her. Trim her eyes and mouth every two to four weeks. Trim the hair around the edge of her feet and between the pads to provide better traction.

Body Trims

Most Yorkie puppies don't need a full body trim until they are 4 months old. Even if you want to let your Yorkie's coat grow long, her body should be trimmed regularly to keep the coat line even. Most Yorkies sport a shorter cut for easier maintenance. A Yorkie will need her body trimmed every four to six weeks once she is full grown. In between grooming appointments, trim the hair under her tail around the anus to help keep her clean. Bathe your Yorkie once a month with a shampoo made for dogs and brush her daily to keep the coat tangle-free and neat. Always mist the coat with water before brushing.

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