How to Shave a Pomeranian

Pomerians have a thick coat that can easily cause them to overheat in warm temperatures.

Pomerians have a thick coat that can easily cause them to overheat in warm temperatures.

Shaving your Pomeranian is an effective way of keeping him cool during the heat of the summer. Most Pomeranian owners who decide to shave their dogs only shave their dog's bodies and leave the mane and head unshaven, causing the dogs to look a bit like miniature lions. Before you shave your Pomeranian you need to keep in mind that you will have to take measures to protect his skin from sunburning and make sure he doesn't get too cold on chilly days once you remove his protective coat.

Completely remove all mats and tangles from your Pomeranian's coat so the clippers will work smoothly without getting snagged on mats and to help achieve an even looking shave.

Restrain your dog within your work area using a grooming loop or other restraint so that he cannot escape from you while you are working on him.

Get your clippers ready by oiling them and making sure the blade is sharp enough that it will cut through the fur instead of tugging on it. Select the clipper guard you want to use on your dog. Leaving some fur behind will give your dog some protection against the cold and sun. Make sure your dog is not afraid of the clippers and, if necessary, desensitize him to them.

Start clipping your dog at the base of his skull and work your way down his body, going along with the grain of his hair. Work in gentle, careful strokes across his body to create an even cut. Periodically check the clipper blade to make sure it is not getting too hot or clogged with fur. Oil the clippers and brush them out periodically with the clipper brush. Allow clippers to cool down if they get too hot. Take breaks if your dog gets antsy or upset, because your Pomeranian's coat is so thick clipping him can take awhile.

Make sure to remove excess hair from the pads of your Pomeranian's feet as well as pluck stray hairs that are growing over his ears. Hair in these locations can cause discomfort and even health problems if it gets out of control.

Items you will need

  • Dog clippers with a clipper guard
  • Brush or comb


  • Some Pomeranian enthusiasts are against shaving because the dog's natural coat is one of the highlights of the breed. However, even the most ardent coat enthusiast advocates shaving the area around the Pomeranian's rear end to keep feces from becoming stuck in the fur. If you only want to shave your dog's rear, you can start from each side and shave inwards to remove unwanted fur.


  • Shaving your Pomeranian makes him vulnerable to the elements, so you will have to take measures to protect him against sun, wind, cold and rain.
  • It is possible that your dog's coat will never grow back to the full extent that it had achieved before he was shaved. Some Pomeranian enthusiasts frown on shaving poms because of the loss of the classic appearance and coat.

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