The Best Shampoos for a Persian Kitten

Persian cats have different grooming needs.
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You're wearing Kevlar and you're armed with every towel you own. It could only mean one thing. It's time to bathe the kitty. Persian kittens have specific needs when it comes to grooming, and knowing what to choose can make bath time a more tolerable and productive experience.

The Right Product

The right shampoo for your Persian kitten will depend on her coat type. If her coat is dry, a moisturizing shampoo is best. A thin coat will benefit from a shampoo that adds volume and body. It's always best to choose a shampoo produced specifically for your Persian kitten's needs. Human shampoos, while they may produce desired results, can be harsh, especially to a kitten's tender skin. Organic shampoos are available, as are shampoos, which are cruelty free. Your kitten's coat type, and your personal preference will guide you to the right choice.

Additional Bath Care

Award-winning Persian cat breeder, Laura Thomas, is an expert when it comes to Persian cat and kitten care. In addition to choosing the right shampoo, it is necessary to use a proper degreaser on a Persian's fur. Eliminating this necessary step can stunt the hair's growth and may cause the hair shaft to break. In addition to proper degreasing, Laura Thomas recommends specific shampoos for coat color. White Persians should be bathed with whitening shampoos containing bluing to bring out the bright white. This also helps to avoid a yellowing of the coat. Similarly, black kittens and tabby kittens benefit from shampoos designed for their specific coat color.

Proper Rinsing

Regardless of the shampoo you choose, Persians require repeat rinsing. If you make the choice to dilute your shampoo, rinsing will be an easier task. Creating a bath for your Persian kitten that mimics the appearance of soapy dishwater may make for an easier rinsing. Filling the bath with water, while making certain to keep your kitten's head clearly above water, will help to remove the shampoo. Repeated rinsing is necessary to remove all residue. As with any pet, shampoo residue can cause skin issues, including dryness.


The frequency with which a Persian kitten should be bathed will vary. Like you, your Persian is an individual. She may mat faster and require more frequent bathing, or her coat may be softer, and she may take on a stringy appearance, suggesting the time for bathing has arrived. All Persians, regardless of coat color and hair thickness, need grooming between baths. Persians can mat quickly, and a severely matted coat can cause skin and health issues. Carefully reduce mats by separating them with your fingers, and then comb the coat thoroughly. Gently remove the mats. Never attempt to pull mats free. This can cause pain and discomfort, and leave bald patches. Reducing and removing mats will make bath time more effective, regardless of your choice in grooming products.

Show Ready

There is no one product that works best for every Persian. Like you, your kitten needs certain grooming products based on her coat color, and the thickness of her fur. The right grooming products can keep your Persian kitten looking show ready, whether she's headed down the catwalk or simply to the back of your couch.

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