Good Brush for Cat Dandruff

Unsightly flakes got you down? Brush that dandruff away.
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Cat dandruff involves the appearance of those well-known skin flakes on your kitty's back and rump. Although various things cause this condition, frequent brushing can help keep the flakes at bay. Using the right brush helps, as your main goal is to remove the flakes and promote healthier skin.

Wire Slicker Brush

Wire slicker brushes look like a tiny bed of backward facing nails with a handle. These brushes work well for both short- and long-haired cats, and remove dead hair and loose dander. Since dandruff is simply dander gone crazy, they work just as well to remove the unsightly flakes tangled in your cat's coat. Their thin, prickly tines work their way through the hair to pick out even hidden loose flakes.

Fine-Toothed Comb

Working similarly to a slicker brush, a fine-toothed comb gets in between every hair to work loose flakes out of your kitty's coat. Unless you're dealing with a kitten with dandruff, using a comb over your entire cat may not be how you'd want to spend your afternoon. But if only small areas are affected, such as your cat's rump, a comb works well to thoroughly get through all the hair and remove many of the itchy flakes.

Pin or Bristle Brush

Once you have most of the loose flakes brushed out, you want to encourage a healthier skin and coat. Brushing stimulates your cat's skin and distributes her natural oils throughout the coat to moisturize it and keep it healthy. Pin brushes work well for long-haired cats, as they help to untangle the coat, remove dead hair and distribute the natural oils from the skin as you brush. For short-haired cats, a regular brush with tightly packed natural or synthetic bristles works in much the same way.

Decreasing the Dandruff

Even if you brush your cat three times a day, you'll likely never get ahead of the dandruff. You have to stop it before it starts to give your cat, and you, some relief. Some forms of dandruff are caused by parasites and infections, so visit your vet for a checkup and proper treatment. Fatty acid supplements sometimes help, as your cat may not get enough through his regular diet. Baths with cat-specific dandruff shampoos can moisturize her skin and promote a healthier coat. Speak with your vet for any recommendations and advice to help control your cat's unsightly flakes.

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