How to Stop Cat Hair From Shedding Naturally

Reduce cat shedding with a few simple techniques.
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Cat shedding is a very common problem for pet owners. Shedding is a natural process that occurs every day and varies in degree from cat to cat. Nothing really can be done to stop or reverse shedding, but there are many ways you can help control your cat’s amount of shedding.

Step 1

Feed your cat a healthy diet. Look for cat foods containing omega 3 or omega 6 fatty acids. These ingredients will help promote a healthy coat and reduce shedding. You also can purchase supplements with these ingredients from your local pet store that can be added to your cat’s diet.

Step 2

Give your cat a bath at least once a month to remove excess hair and dirt. If your cat does not like baths, use cat bath wipes with natural conditioners and proteins. Alternatively, spray a waterless cat shampoo on your cat, massage onto her coat and then wipe off with a clean towel.

Step 3

Brush your cat’s hair daily to help control shedding. Brush the coat gently with a comb or de-shedding tool. Brushing is essential to help remove loose hair and reduce the amount of shedding around your home.

Step 4

Take your cat to the veterinarian for a regular checkup. Many illnesses and diseases can affect your cat’s coat and cause excessive shedding, which can be prevented with routine veterinarian checkups.

Step 5

Inspect your cat’s skin and fur daily for signs of shedding. Check for hair loss, skin infections, fleas, ticks or other parasites that could lead to significant shedding.

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