Shampoo Applicators for Dogs

Keep bathtime short and sweet.
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Bathing your dog isn’t always a relaxing experience. Sometimes, it’s all you can do to hang on to frantic Fido amidst a flurry of bubbles and barks. Most dogs don’t relish baths. The quicker you can lather him up and rinse him off, the happier both of you will be.

Commercial Applicators

Commercial dog shampoo applicators run the gamut from inexpensive plastic tubing with a valve that fits over your tub faucet and features a shampoo reservoir, to upscale models that dispense a predetermined blend of shampoo and warm water. For bathing longhair breeds, look for an applicator with an extended nozzle that lets you apply the shampoo mix beneath the fur at skin level.

Scrubber-Dispenser Applicators

For dastardly dirty dogs, a little elbow grease is in order. You can find combination shampoo applicator-scrubbers at pet supply stores. Most have rubber or rounded plastic tips attached to a container base. To use combo applicator-scrubbers, wet your pouting pooch thoroughly and squeeze the scrubber-applicator as needed to disperse the shampoo mixture. These handy contraptions keep you from fumbling around behind you for the shampoo bottle that just rolled out of reach.

Household Standbys

Save the plastic squeeze bottles filled with dish soap. These make great dog shampoo applicators and they come with a small tip for directing the solution right where you want it. Pump-type hand soap dispensers work well if you want to apply dog shampoo one handful at a time. Inexpensive plastic catsup and mustard bottles are available from dollar-types stores. Use different colors; one for shampoo and another for canine conditioner.

Deep Cleaning

Getting longhair breeds clean can be a chore. After applying the shampoo as near the skin as possible, massage it through your dog's fur, either with a scrubber mitt or with your fingers. Rubber gloves are a blessing when you have to scrub those “squeamish” spots on your dog’s rear end.

Dog-Shampooing Tips

Use only dog shampoo on your dog. People shampoos can contain chemicals and sudsing agents that can irritate a dog’s tender skin. The exception to this rule is that you may use diluted tearless baby shampoo on your dog’s face, but still avoid getting it in his eyes. Rinse away all traces of shampoo and towel-dry your pooch to remove excess water. Don’t fret if he still smells slightly dog-ish, it’s normal.

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