How to Search for a Microchipped Dog

Microchips are a form of ID for your dog.

Microchips are a form of ID for your dog.

The microchip companies in the United States are American Veterinary ID Devices, Home Again and Companion Animal Recovery. These companies bring dogs home that might have otherwise been gone from their families for good. Depending on your dog's microchip registry, there are different ways to search for your canine friend.

Search by American Veterinary ID Devices

Complete the lost pet form on the American Veterinary ID Devices website. Submit your dog's microchip number, your name, your dog's name, an email address, phone number, home address and any additional comments you wish to include.

Wait for reply from an American Veterinary ID Device representative. American Veterinary ID Devices replies by email, phone or both once your dog is located.

Contact your local shelters. If your dog is registered, the shelter is likely to contact you first. However, if your dog is not registered, the veterinarian who injected the microchip is contacted so your contact information can be located.

Search by Home Again

Notify representatives by calling 1-888-HOMEAGAIN or report on their secured website. Once initial notification is made with Home Again, alerts are sent to animal shelters, veterinary clinics and volunteer pet rescuers within 25 miles of where dog went missing.

Update your contact information. If you've moved or have a different telephone number, update this information on Home Again's secured website.

Wait for a call. Veterinarians and shelters are able to read the pet's ID number. Once the ID number is located, Home Again is notified and will contact you.

Search by Companion Animal Recovery

Call the recovery hotline at 1-800-252-7894 or report your missing dog online at the Companion Animal Recovery website.

Update your contact information. If you've moved or have a different telephone number, update this information on Companion Animal Recovery's secured website.

Wait for a call. If your dog's microchip ID number is called into the recovery hotline, you are contacted immediately.

Items you will need

  • Microchip
  • Registration
  • Phone (or Internet)


  • Keep contact information updated with your veterinarian and microchip provider.
  • Create lost pet posters with pictures of your dog and your contact information.


  • Families do not have access to scan microchips. Have your dog wear a collar with your updated contact information so your dog does not get adopted into a new home.

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