How to Get Your Mutt in a Dog Show

In the past, the very best dog shows have barred mixed breeds from competing. Hybrid dogs were limited to entering events such as "wag that tail" at town fairs. Only with the recent formation of the Mixed Breed Dog Clubs of America has someone finally given mixed breeds the voice they deserve.

Local Amateur Shows

Research the amateur dog shows in your local area. The best places to look are on the Internet or your local newspaper.

Look at the range of competitions and decide which one your mixed breed dog is best suited to. With competitions such as best smoocher, amateur shows are usually more lighthearted than state or national shows. You may even be able to enter your dog into several of the events.

Enter your mixed breed into one of the competitions. You may need to apply beforehand, but mostly you can register him just before the event.

State and National Shows

Join the Mixed Breed Dog Clubs of America (MBDCA) who organize dog shows for mixed breeds. As of 2012 they only have local chapters in California, Oregon, St. Louis and Washington, but are looking to expand. If you don't have a chapter in your area, you can apply for the individual membership, which allows you to register your dog for all MBDCA competitions.

Train your dog to specialize in one of the main events at a MBDCA show. These include competitive obedience, rally obedience, conformation, lure coursing and versatility title. If you are serious, you will need to take your dog to professional classes until you are confident you can train him on your own.

Enter your dog into an MBDCA event. You will need to fill and send out a form with the required fee before the deadline. If it is the first time you have entered your dog, you will have to enter him in one of the novice events. Only when your hybrid dog has achieved a novice certificate will the MBDCA allow you to enter your pup into a competition on a higher level.

Items you will need

  • MBDCA membership

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