Grooming Styles for Pomeranians

The poofy Pom looks adorable no matter his hair length.
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Pomeranians sport a thick, double-layered coat that poofs out into a Tribble-meets-pom-pom appearance in its full glory. Although adorable, this full coat may pose too strenuous a grooming task for some owners. Shorter hairstyles reduce grooming needs, but they also irreversibly alter the texture of your pooch's coat.

A Note About His Coat

The most distinctive feature of the Pom is his full, poofy coat, delighting dog show attendees and Pom owners alike. This beauty takes time and dedication, in the form of hours of brushing, bathing and styling. Some owners find the longer coat too difficult to keep up and have Copper shaved down into a shorter style for the sake of convenience. While this does indeed greatly cut down on grooming time, shaving your Pom too short can prevent him from ever growing a proper coat again. Shaving double-coated breeds such as the Pom alters the way the hair regrows, resulting in uneven patches or a different texture than it once was. Keep this in mind if you think you may want to grow Copper's coat out in the future.

Full and Fluffy

The hairstyle seen in the show ring is the closest to letting Prancer go au naturel, and displays the natural thickness and texture of his coat. This style requires only minimal trimming, mostly to shape the hair and give Prancer a more rounded look. His coat is brushed upward, against the grain, to encourage the poofy fluffball look. Prancer’s ears, paws and bottom are the only areas that should be clipped shorter, for hygienic purposes.

The Lion Cut

A popular style for the little Pom, the lion cut gives you the best of both long and short hair in one. It looks exactly like it sounds, with your pup's body shaved down and longer hair left on his head and neck, for the mane, and the tip of his tail. Hair tufts are sometimes left on his feet too, depending on your preference. Although the longer sections require daily brushing to prevent tangles and mats, the fact that there is such a small amount of long hair still keeps these grooming sessions relatively short.

The Puppy/Teddy Bear Cut

This provides a good in-between cut when you don't want a long show coat but shaving seems too extreme. The puppy cut involves trimming your Pom's entire body down to a uniform length, usually a few inches long. The teddy bear cut is a variation on the puppy cut. It typically leaves the hair on his head a little longer than the body, giving him a more rounded face and distinctly teddy bear-like appearance. As if this dog could get any cuter. As long as you don't have him shaved completely to the skin, his hair regrowth should not be affected.

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