Pomeranian Dog Grooming with Lion & Fox Cuttings

Your Pom does a great lion or fox imitation.
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The Pomeranian's coat is a versatile base for various hairstyles, and two of the most popular are the lion cut and fox cut. These necessitate trimming most or all of your dog's hair. Upkeep requires regular brushing, bathing and trimming.

Looking Like Royalty

When fully poofed out, your Pom's coat practically screams “lion's mane,” and the lion cut takes advantage of that by giving your pooch a "King of the Jungle" look. His body is trimmed short, while his head, his feet and the tip of his tail are left long. The shorter sections must be brushed with a slicker brush or grooming mitt a few times a week, while the longer sections require more frequent brushing with a pin or slicker brush to keep them from tangling and to remove loose, dead hair. Brush up, against the grain, to poof the long hair in all its glory, and to enhance its mane-like quality.

Looking Sly and Spiffy

Some Poms look distinctly fox-like in their face shape and coat color, so the fox cut seems a natural option. With this style all the hair on his body is trimmed to a few inches in length, and shaped to enhance his foxy good looks. Because it's not as long as the lion cut, your pooch need only be brushed a few times a week with a pin or slicker brush to prevent mats. Pay particular attention to his tail, which is typically left longer to further his foxy appearance.

Wash and Wear

Unless your Pom does nothing but sit in his little doggie bed and look pretty, he's going to get dirty. The longer his hair, the quicker he'll get dirty, so you'll need to declare bath time occasionally. How often depends on his particular cut: the longer sections of the lion cut could stand to be scrubbed down every month, while every two or three months may work for the shorter fox cut. Whichever bath schedule you choose, be sure to use a gentle dog shampoo and rinse thoroughly to prevent residue. A conditioner helps keep his hair soft and smooth and resistant to tangling. Afterward, let him air dry or use a hair dryer on a low-heat setting, and brush him thoroughly after he's completely dry.

A Regular Snip

Keeping your Pom looking neat and spiffy requires more than what you can comfortably do at home. Over time his hair will grow out, making what was once a neat and tidy cut look more scruffy and ragged. Visit a professional groomer as often as necessary to get him trimmed and have his cut reshaped properly. Generally this involves a visit once every couple of months.

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