How to Save Your Screen Door From Pet Scratches

Pets can scratch holes in your screen.
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A screen door with holes in the mesh helps flies, ants and other bugs make a beeline for your home. If your pet is fond of pawing the screen, work your way through these tactics to keep him away and save your door.

Step 1

Spray your pet with water from a spray bottle as he approaches the screen door. This can help create a negative connection with the screen door that may be enough to prevent your dog or cat from scratching the screen. Of course, this only works when you are at home to supervise your pet.

Step 2

Erect a barrier, such as a pet gate or child gate, that blocks off the area. While cats may climb over the barrier, this can keep dogs away from the screen door.

Step 3

Install a door guard on the lower part of the screen door. Made of metal, door guards are tough enough to handle pet scratches without damaging the screen underneath. They're also porous, so you can still enjoy a breeze.

Step 4

Try an adhesive strip on the screen door, so your pet's paws stick to the screen next time she swats it. Chances are, she won't like the sensation and will find a new toy to scratch. After a couple weeks, it's probably safe to remove the adhesive since your pet's gotten the message.

Step 5

Swap out the mesh on your screen door for pet-resistant screen mesh. This material has a tighter weave than traditional screen mesh, so it's far less likely to develop holes from your pet's paws.

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