How to Make Windows Safe for Cats

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To keep Kitty safe, keep him indoors. This means he's going to spend lots of time near your windows, watching the outside world and maybe daydreaming about catching a few birds. To make sure he enjoys the view but stays safe, you might need to make a few changes.

Step 1

Open windows only if they can latched to a certain position. For example, some storm windows can be opened just an inch or two and locked securely in place. That allows some air in so Kitty can smell the outdoors, but still keeps the space too small for the cat to slip through. If you can’t secure the window to make sure it stays completely still, don’t open it at all. A crafty cat can push a window open and escape or fall out the window if it’s not secured.

Step 2

Install mosquito screens—or specialty pet screens, which are stronger—on all the windows you plan on opening more than an inch or two. The screen must be secured and not pop out easily if Kitty decides to lean on it or scratch it. Add safety locks or screw the screen in place if necessary. Don’t use sliding screens unless they have a latching mechanism to prevent accidental opening.

Step 3

Install a perch or window bed to provide a safe place for your cat to sleep on. If you have an old or accident-prone cat, he could injure himself by slipping and falling from the window sill. A bed provides a safe, non-slippery surface that will keep him warm and comfortable.

Step 4

Get rid of pull cords. They can be a choking hazard, especially if you have a hyper cat who likes to jump and run and can easily get tangled in the cords. If there's a window your cat really enjoys, it might be a good idea to remove the blinds completely from that window and use curtains there instead.

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