How to Rig a Bath to Wash a Dog

"It must have been the cat. I don't need a bath."
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Not all dogs enjoy bath time and wish to extend it. Setting up your bathtub in advance of the actual process allows a shorter time to complete a bath with less anxiety for your pet. Preparation allows a safe, fun bath and less glaring at you throughout the process.

Step 1

Unscrew a standard shower head counterclockwise in the bathtub if you have one. Screw a pet shower sprayer attachment clockwise onto the shower head until it is hand tight. Replace the shower head and screw it on clockwise. There is an opening on the adapter to insert the long hose containing the spray head of the pet shower sprayer. If the shower head does not unscrew easily by hand, place a washcloth over it and loosen it with pliers.

Step 2

Connect a bath spout sprayer in the tub if you do not have a shower head. Simply press the larger end of the sprayer hose onto the bath spout.

Step 3

Place a rubber, non-slip bath mat in the bottom of the tub. This will protect your furry friend from slipping in the tub and make bath time a much less scary event.

Step 4

Place your dog shampoo, conditioner, towels and dog treats on the side of tub within easy reach from the center of the tub. If you must get up and leave your dog to secure grooming products, he may decide his bath is over, exit the tub and shake water all over the bathroom floor.

Step 5

Place a portable heater in the bathroom as far from the tub as possible and warm the bathroom in cold months. Even though you use warm bath water, your pet can get a chill in a cool bathroom.

Step 6

Turn on the shower head or bathtub faucet where the pet sprayer attaches. Squeeze the handle on the pet sprayer to dispense water. Let the water warm up to a little warmer than lukewarm.

Step 7

Call or carry your dog into the bathroom, give him a treat and shut the bathroom door. Brush all debris, dirt and tangles from his hair. Ask him to jump in the tub if he is a larger dog or pick up a small dog and put him in the tub on the rubber mat. Kneel down next to the tub on a bath mat or thick towels.

Step 8

Wet your pooch thoroughly with warm water. Shampoo him from head to tail, rinse him thoroughly and add conditioner to his coat if need be. Rinse your dog thoroughly and dry him with towels.

Step 9

Give your dog several treats for his cooperation at bath time.

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