How to Bathe Bullmastiffs

Clean your mastiff's face and body.
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Big mastiffs like to beat the heat and cold by living inside. You'll want to keep your big guy smelling fresh and clean. So, get the water hose ready and be prepared to wash every towel in the house when you are done.

Step 1

Pick the best location for your gentle giant’s bath. If he doesn’t mind getting in the tub, put him in the bathroom. Since mastiffs have short hair, the bath drain generally won't clog. However, if he refuses to get in the tub, consider bathing him outside while someone holds his leash. Pulling and tugging to get him in the tub may hurt your back or injury your big pup since bullmastiffs may weigh over 110 pounds when fully grown.

Step 2

Wet your mastiff from the back of his head to his tail, keeping the water off of his face and out of his ears. Spraying it on his face may cause him to get scared and try to bolt. If he moves around, just voice the command “stay” sternly. The mastiff's gentle nature makes him laid-back hound in the tub and he generally likes the extra attention.

Step 3

Pour a line of pet-friendly shampoo down his spine. Rub it in, massaging him as you go. He will appreciate the extra loving. Avoid getting the shampoo into his eyes or ears. Bullmastiffs have sensitive ears and they should be kept dry.

Step 4

Rinse your large pup from the back of his neck down to his tail. This allows the soap to run off without getting on areas you already rinsed. Rinse his entire body and make sure you don’t leave any soap. It may cause an allergic reaction leading to dry skin and itching.

Step 5

Dry your four-legged friend from head to toe. Have about four towels ready. He will shake a few times. Simply cover him with the towel and let him help remove the water

Step 6

Wet a washcloth and clean his face wrinkles with water. Mastiffs tend to drool and need a good face washing. Use a damp cotton ball to get deep in the crevices. Dry his face with a clean towel. Clean his ears with a dry ear powder available from your local pet store

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