How to Put on a Dog Halter

Similar to a horse halter, a dog halter fits over the dog’s nose and behind his ears, allowing for greater control than regular collars. Many dogs balk at the feeling of the halter, but a proper fit combined with a little training make for a much happier dog.

Step 1

Let the dog sniff and explore the halter. Many dogs are afraid of new training items and will panic if they are not familiar with them. Give the dog a couple of treats to keep her calm and relaxed.

Step 2

Buckle the neck portion of the halter around the dog’s neck, just below the base of her ears. Adjust the straps until you can fit two fingers comfortably between the collar and the dog’s skin.

Step 3

Open the muzzle loop of the halter with your fingers, and slip the loop gently over her nose. Her first reaction will most likely be to scratch at the muzzle loop, so call her name and hold a treat over her head to distract her.

Step 4

Attach a leash to the metal ring under the dog’s chin once she stops paying attention to the halter. The weight of the leash will tighten the loop around her muzzle and she may try to pull it off, but a quick treat and a little praise will help make her comfortable.

Step 5

Pick up the leash and call the dog’s name to encourage her to walk with you. Praise her and pet her when she walks quietly without trying to remove the halter. Move slowly and do not tug on the leash, or you could injure her muzzle.

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