How to Use a Halti Headcollar

If you're tired of your pooch pulling you down the street, consider a gentle alternative to choke chains and prong collars: the Halti headcollar. The Halti controls your dog by her head; when she lunges on her lead, the Halti slows her down by turning her nose toward you.

Step 1

Introduce the Halti headcollar to your dog in stages. Place a piece of string loosely around her muzzle to help her get used to the feeling of having something around her nose, petting her quietly and giving her treats. Keep the string on your dog until she does not shake her head or paw at the string to remove it herself.

Step 2

Place the Halti over your dog's muzzle without fastening it, leaving it in place for a few seconds. Take it off and repeat several times.

Step 3

Put the Halti on your dog for a few seconds longer than before, still without fastening the clip at the back of her neck. Treat your dog, then remove the Halti. By giving treats, you are pairing something positive with something that may be frightening or annoying to your dog.

Step 4

Fit the Halti collar on your dog by placing the loop of the nose band around her muzzle so that the two small slip rings are under her chin. Treat her again. Reach around to the back of her head and fasten the buckle at her neck. Ensure that the nose band is not too close to her eyes and that it sits comfortably toward the end of her nose.

Step 5

Keep the Halti on your dog to let her get used to it. Don't attach the lead just yet. Distract her with treats or play if she tries to remove the collar.

Step 6

Attach a leash onto the slip rings when your dog is comfortable with the Halti collar. Drop the leash and walk away if she becomes anxious or agitated. Take her out the door when she is calm.

Step 7

Position your dog on either your right or left side. Hold the leash at a length that will let you control the dog without the lead being too snug or tight.

Step 8

Walk forward with the dog, applying light pressure to the Halti if she starts to pull. It is normal for her head to turn toward you. Praise your dog when she walks without pulling. It may take several weeks before she is comfortable walking with the collar on.

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