What to Put Around a Garbage Can to Stop Dogs From Getting Into It

Trash may be tasty, but it can also be dangerous to your beloved pup.
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While the trash is discarded waste to you, it's a bounty of tasty treasures to your pooch. It's not always easy keeping your dog out of the trash; after all, dogs learn best with positive reinforcement and treats and getting into the trash almost always yields a treat. Trash digging can also be dangerous. A few items can keep him out safely.

Pantries and Cupboards

Keeping your trash in the pantry or cupboard is one of the surest ways to keep Scruffy out. Pantries with latching doors are ideal. Several trash cans are designed to fit in cabinets, although the smaller size may not be acceptable for the amount of garbage your family creates. This also keeps the garbage out of sight, an added bonus. If your pooch figures out how to open the cabinets, install childproof locks on them.


Straps can be just as effective at keeping your pooch out of the garbage as moving it, provided they're strong and durable. Long cinch straps that go over the lid and around the bottom of the trash can can securely keep your lid on and be too much of a hassle for your dog. Hook-and-loop cinch straps or ratcheting straps are ideal because they're easy for you to loosen to throw away the trash, but strong and durable enough to keep your pooch out -- and to keep the lid from falling off if he knocks over the can.

Scare Tactics

Some hounds might need a little scaring, but nothing that's going to hurt them. One product employs the standard snap trap, reminiscent of the old-fashioned mousetraps. These devices have a paddle attached to them and the trap is placed upside down. When your pooch triggers the trap, the paddle flips it into the air and makes a loud noise. The loud noise often startles the dog so much that he hesitates for a moment and then becomes frightened of the bad behavior. Don't use this type of tactic on particularly skittish or timid dogs, as it can have a negative impact. Another scare device is compressed air. Motion-activated canisters of compressed air blast the air when your dog gets close to them. It's scary, but harmless.

A New Trash Can

Many trash cans on the market are now made with hard-to-open lids or locking mechanisms that can keep dogs and children out. Slide locks, pressure-locked lids and other methods are now commonplace in the world of garbage cans. Replacing your trash can with a new one can keep your dog out while keeping your garbage can available to you.

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