Dog Fence Kennel Ideas

A large dog kennel can accommodate more than one pooch.
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Your four-legged family member might be your best friend, but he doesn't always know what's best for him. A dog fence creates a safe kennel where your pup can play, eat and sleep without getting into trouble. You can also use a dog kennel as a training center.

Chain-Link Fence

Chain-link is the most popular option for dog fences because of its strength and affordability. Select 11-gauge wire or better so Rover's sharp claws and teeth can't facilitate his escape, and avoid chain-link with openings wider than one inch in diameter. You can build a chain-link dog fence directly on the ground, or you can install a concrete slab as the foundation.

Split-Rail Fence

A split-rail fence provides an attractive barrier between the dog kennel and the rest of the yard. To prevent your canine buddy from breaking out, you must fill in the gaps between rails with chicken wire, chain link or wire mesh, but there are a variety of metal colors available. If you choose a neutral color, the metal will fade into the background and become almost invisible. Split-rail dog fences create a rustic aesthetic and work well in many different settings.

Wood-Frame Fence

If a split-rail fence is not tall enough to contain your dogs, consider a wood-frame dog fence instead. This type of fence consists of square panels constructed of 2-by-4s or similarly sized lumber. The interior of the panel can be made of wood planks or wire mesh. You can make the frame as tall as you'd like, but your pups will still be able to see outside if you use a semi-transparent filler material.

Picket Fence

A picket fence is the ideal option for smaller dogs, especially when you don't want the kennel to interfere with the aesthetic of your yard. Vinyl and other synthetic materials work well because some pups love to chew on wood. The last thing you want is to discover your beloved pooch has swallowed a handful of splinters. Make sure the ends of the pickets are rounded rather than sharp, and that your dog cannot jump out.

Kennel Panel Fence

Prefabricated kennel panels are available in numerous sizes, materials and designs. Indoor panels help puppy parents close off rooms of the house from their four-legged children, while outdoor panels create convenient kennels and runs. Metal, vinyl and mesh panels require little maintenance and sometimes arrive pre-assembled. Look for rust-resistant panels with no openings wider than one inch and no sharp edges.

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