Puppy Litter Box vs. Grass Pads

Apartment-dwelling dogs may not always have the same opportunities to potty outside as their house-dwelling cousins.
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No matter where you live or what you feed, your dog needs to pee and poop. If you live in a high rise apartment or if you work too far from home to walk your dog at lunch, a litter box or a grass pad might be what you need!

Litter Box Pros

Dogs are more easily trained to “go” in a particular place if given distinct boundaries or items that mark their permitted potty area. Even a shallow litter box has a raised edge that distinguishes it from the rest of the floor. Several different styles of litter exist, so even if your dog does not like the feel of one under her paws, she still may be able to adjust to another. In addition, plastic litter pans are easy to clean and most litters are disposed of easily.

Litter Box Cons

Some dogs do not like the feeling of the litter on their feet, particularly some of those litters that are ground coarsely. Conversely, some terrier breeds love to dig in their litter boxes, so much so that the litter gets spread hither and yon on a daily basis. Other dogs, especially puppies, might decide to try eating the litter as a tasty treat. Finally, litter should be changed frequently, as it may retain odors if left too long. These odors might get into your rugs, drapes or furniture upholstery, and require special treatment to remove.

Grass Pads Pros

Natural grass and artificial turf pads are fairly cost effective. After the initial purchase, the primary cost associated with grass and artificial turf is enzyme replacement. Like the litter pad, the grass pad provides a distinct boundary and feeling under your dog’s feet. If your dog previously has been a country dog, she may prefer the feel of the grass under her feet to the feeling of the litter. Finally, your dog’s feet will stay cleaner when using a grass pad, since there is no litter or urine to track over your floors or carpets.

Grass Pads Cons

Artificial turf may be difficult to clean. If not cleaned well, then it can retain odors. Natural grass pads also may entice some breeds to dig. Emptying the reservoirs of urine that collects under the pads may turn out to be a two-person job, especially with grass pads for medium and large-sized dogs.

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