Do Poodles Like Cats?

Fun-loving poodles enjoy playing with their feline friends.
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Poodles usually get along well with cats, dogs and other pets. With their mellow, loving and fun personalities, they can be great companions for kitties as well as for people of all ages.

Poodle Overview

Poodles are very smart, easy to train, friendly and loving. They enjoy spending time with their families and usually maintain a mellow, even keel inside their homes if they get daily walks. The poodle breed has three sizes: toy, miniature and standard. They’re mostly similar, but each has different needs or characteristics that could affect how well they cohabit with cats.

Poodles and Cats

If you already have a cat and are thinking of getting a poodle, introduce them first to make sure they get along. Usually these two species are a good match, though; most poodles like cats and will live happily with them. Poodles tend to be protective of their families, and their guardian attitude extends to their kitty friends, too. Poodles are not likely to chase or hurt cats they encounter outside your home.

More About Toy Poodles

The smallest official type of poodle, toys usually weigh 4 to 8 pounds and don’t grow taller than 10 inches. They do fine in apartments and with people who don’t have especially active lifestyles, as long as they get a little exercise every day. They don't usually do well with kids, especially children under 15 who can be unintentionally rough and hurt them. That's not a concern with kitties and toy poodles, though -- the two animals have very similar sizes.

Miniature Poodles

Falling in the middle on the size spectrum, miniature poodles stand 10 to 15 inches tall, and their healthy weight is between 12 and 18 pounds. Like their smaller counterparts, they can be good pets for apartment dwellers, but they benefit from the opportunity to run around fenced yards. They have a little more energy than toy poodles and need a bit more exercise. They also don’t do well with kids but get along with cats and other dogs.

Standard Poodles

Poodles taller than 15 inches technically qualify as standard, but they're usually much larger; typically their height reaches at least 21 inches. They weigh 45 to 65 pounds. Because of their size, they need more room -- preferably a house rather than an apartment. A fenced yard is essential so they can run around. Especially with adequate exercise, they tend to be a bit more mellow and relaxed than the smaller poodles, which might make them better companions for cats who dislike hyper dogs. They also get along well with other dogs and with older kids, who know how to behave with them.

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