Do Corgis Like Cats?

Playful cats and corgis can have a lot of fun as roommates.
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Generally speaking, corgis get along well with cats. And kitties that have outgoing, playful and adventurous personalities can have a lot of fun with them. If you don't mind excited barking and high-speed chases around your home, you might enjoy the energy, enthusiasm and companionship of a cat-corgi combo.

The Thrill of the Chase

Corgis love to chase anything that moves, including cats. When your corgi takes off after your kitty, it’s usually because he wants to play and because that urge to chase is wired into his genes -- not because he means her any harm.

Still, your cat might not see things the same way. If she’s sedate or shy, having a stocky dog barrel toward her every time she moves could cost her a few of her proverbial nine lives. But if your cat is adventurous and gets along with other animals, she might love having a corgi to run from, romp around with and tease -- and the two of them can provide you with hours of entertainment.

Making the Perfect Match

If you think your cat would enjoy having a corgi around, research individual dogs to find the right addition to your household. Most puppies adapt easily to life with cats, and some breeders even raise them around kitties. Older corgis that haven’t spent time with cats might need a little help understanding the difference between pets and pests. As farming dogs, they handled rodent control, so they sometimes view cats and other small critters as nuisances until they learn better. Fortunately, corgis generally respond well to obedience instruction and firm but gentle leadership. A behaviorist or trainer can help you teach your corgi to view your kitty as a friend.

First Impressions

When your pets first meet and while they're getting to know each other, make sure the kitty has escape routes -- preferably high perches where he can check out his new roomie without feeling trapped or cornered. Corgis that have never encountered cats can be a little aggressive at first, so monitor your dog and gently correct her if she's rough with the kitty.

Dining Etiquette

Even if your corgi becomes best friends with your cat, there’s potential for conflict over the food bowl. These pups tend to resent any other animal nosing around their chow, so for the sake of peace and sanity, separate your pets at dinner time. Corgis easily pack on the pounds, and they’ll eat as much as you let them: So don’t free-feed, and always keep the kitty’s food out of reach of those short corgi legs.

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