Types of Mild-Mannered Cats

Certain breeds are known for their mild-mannered temperaments.
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Cat breed personalities range from the quintessential aloof and independent kitty to the never-leave-your-side, clingy cat. If you want something in the middle, more of an easy-going, "I'm just going to lie here and chill type of cat," a few breeds might interest you.


The Birman breed offers a friendly, playful personality with a side order of gentle curiosity. Birman cats are affectionate and love to be around humans, especially children, and act very puppy-like in their loyalty to their human family. They hate to be alone and require regular brushing to keep their long coats free from tangles and mats.

Maine Coon

Another breed with dog-like qualities, the Maine coon is the gentle giant of the domestic feline world. This long-haired cat is active, social and loving, with a genuine affection for their human companions. Calm and kind, Maine coons love to be involved in whatever is going on in the household. Athletic and stealthy, this breed loves to climb and find peculiar and uncomfortable-looking places to curl up for naps.


With his smushed face, the Persian may look like he's offering a permanent scowl, but in reality these kitties are kind, gentle and affectionate. They love their human families and crave companionship. Although they have an easy-going temperament, the Persian can also be quite insistent if they want some attention. Good with children and other pets, this breed loves to be a part of things and does not like to be left alone.


The quintessential poster child for “mild-mannered,” the Ragdoll breed earned its name because of the cat's uncanny resemblance to the floppiness of a child's doll. This breed combines a gentle nature with an incredibly relaxed attitude. They are friendly to everyone, and they love attention and affection. Ragdolls are playful cats that thrive indoors and prefer a more calm environment to busier ones.

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