Pomeranian Haircut Styles

The Pomeranian's fluffy coat requires consistent upkeep.
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Over the centuries, dog lovers bred the tiny Pomeranian down from strong northern breeds of herding and sledding dogs. Like his ancestors, the Pomeranian sports a thick double coat to protect him from the elements and requires more grooming than single-coat dogs to keep him looking his best.

Full Coat

If you want your Pomeranian to be a show dog or just want her to look like one, keep her coat full and round and have her trimmed very little. The American Kennel Club breed standard only allows trimming for neatness, so the dog presents with a clean outline. Your Pom’s undercoat should cover her body evenly, with her longer outer coat standing off from her body. The full coat style requires extensive upkeep at home between visits to the groomer, including regular brushing and combing.

Puppy Cut

If you don’t intend to enter your Pomeranian in dog shows or don’t have time for the upkeep a full coat entails, opt for a puppy cut. A professional groomer can best perfect this style, also known as a “teddy bear” cut. The groomer cuts your Pom’s coat down to an even 1 or 2 inches in length, leaving a rounded collar around his legs. Fuller fur on the legs round out the silhouette, giving your pooch the appearance of a child’s stuffed toy.

Shorter Styles

In general, groomers do not recommend cutting a Pomeranian’s coat down to less than an inch of length, such as with the lion cut. Cutting a Pom’s hair too short can damage his coat permanently, and the outer coat may never grow back. Additionally, cutting the coat too close leaves your Pomeranian’s delicate skin exposed to the elements and puts her at risk for sunburn. In rare situations, an excessively tangled undercoat necessitates a closer cut because the fur cannot be de-matted without hurting your pooch.


A full show coat requires extra combing and brushing, as the undercoat can easily become matted. Licensed groomer Kathy Salzberg recommends you brush out your Pomeranian’s coat thoroughly at least once a week. If your Pom’s undercoat does become heavily matted, a professional groomer should remove the tangles rather than you attempting it yourself. Salzberg also cautions matted hair should never be cut out with scissors. Doing so gives your little dog a bald spot and causes hair to grow back unevenly.

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