Pomeranian Coat Grooming Tips

During cold weather, use a hair dryer to dry your Pomeranian after a bath.

During cold weather, use a hair dryer to dry your Pomeranian after a bath.

A coarse outer coat and a finer, softer undercoat is what gives your Pomeranian his endearing fluffiness. That pouffy appearance makes it easier for his hair to get snarled, Left untreated, a tangle can become a painful mat. Pomeranians do shed, but regular grooming and coat care remain especially important for this breed of fur ball.

Regular Brushing

Brushing your Pomeranian's coat with a slicker brush at least twice a week will prevent shedding and encourage healthy skin. A slicker brush, available at any pet store, contains tiny bulbed pins that remove loose hair from your Pomeranian's outer coat and undercoat before the hair ends up all over your sofa. Be sure the brush reaches the skin, or you won't remove the undercoat.


A few times a year, you'll want to trim your Pomeranian's coat just to keep him clean and neat. Thick fur acts as a storage sponge for bacteria and moisture, which is why it's best to keep the fur around his feet, ears, face and rectum short. You can use small grooming scissors yourself or ask a professional groomer to teach you to use an electric shaver.


Your Pomeranian's fluffy double coat tangles easily, in addition to snaring burs and twigs. Bathing a Pomeranian before detangling his coat will make the snarls tighter and larger than they were before, so removing these tangles before a bath is imperative. To remove these snags, loosen the fur with your fingers by massaging a few drops of diluted dog conditioner directly into the tangled section. Follow up with a few gentle strokes of the slicker brush.

Gentle, Frequent Bathing

Bathe your Pomeranian's coat with a mild dog shampoo and conditioner once a month or two, or whenever he starts smelling slightly stinky. Gently massage the shampoo in a circular motion and use caution around his face and eyes. Given his long hair, it's important to clean the Pomeranian's genital region thoroughly during a bath. Apply and rinse a gentle conditioner for added shine before wrapping your pouffy Pomeranian in a fluffy towel.

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