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Gather your tools before you start grooming to keep the process moving smoothly.
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It doesn't take long to realize that your goldendoodle's impressive mane, while hypoallergenic, is high maintenance. Matting and ear infections are unpleasant for everyone, as is having to pay a groomer to repeatedly shave down your pooch. Regularly grooming him at home can keep your furry friend in tip-top condition.

Never Bathe a Tangled Goldendoodle

Shampooing a matted, snarled coat will only exacerbate painful tangles. Remove any mats from your goldendoodle with scissors, or an electric shaver, before you start bathing or grooming him. After de-matting, use a metal pin brush to comb your dog's coat thoroughly until the brush moves easily through his luscious locks. If the brush gets stuck in any particular section, go back and work out the tangle gradually starting at the end of the strands and moving closer toward the skin.

Shave Key Areas First

The tangling tendency of goldendoodle fur makes it essential to shave certain areas completely, even if you plan on leaving the rest of his coat longer in length. His belly, genital region and anus should all be shaved smooth with electric clippers. Hair around his genital and anal region acts as a bacteria sponge, increasing the risk of mats and infections. Also, shave the inch below his ear canal on each side of his head to allow air flow through his ears.

Ear Plucking

Always pluck your goldendoodle's ears before his bath when his hair is still dry. His poodle genes cause hair to grow inside his ear canals, which can trap moisture and bacteria, resulting in painful ear infections. Quickly and firmly pull out the inner ear hair using only your pointer finger and thumb. Trying to pull larger sections will be too difficult and painful. Once his ears are hairless, place a few dry cotton balls inside the ear canal and gently fold down his outer ear flap to its natural position. This will keep out water out of his ears during the bath. Remove the cotton balls immediately afterward.

Never, Ever Ruffle

Avoid post-shampoo tangles by using firm, single-direction motions with your hands. Wring out the excess moisture from his coat and finger-comb conditioner through starting at the top of his body and working your way down toward his feet, then rinse thoroughly. Similarly, when drying his coat with a clean towel, use firm patting motions over individual sections of his coat rather than rubbing or ruffling, which can create tangles. When blow drying, constantly brush in the direction of hair growth instead of moving the hair with your hands.

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