Pets Facts for the Shar Pei

These guys are naturally confident.
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The shar-pei, which is also called Chinese shar-pei, is a relatively sizable breed. These energetic and confident dogs are Chinese natives. Shar-peis are hard to miss due to their loose flaps of skin, which give off the impression of deep wrinkles.

Breed History

The origins of the shar-pei date back to Chinese farms, where they performed a variety of tasks, including both pest management and guarding. They are thought to come from the Guangdong province, which is situated in the southeastern region of China. Shar-peis first hit American shores in 1966, by way of the Hong Kong Kennel Club.

Physical Appearance

From the shoulders, shar-peis usually grow to between 18 and 20 inches in height. They generally are between 45 and 60 pounds. These sturdy canines appear in all colors, including black. Shar-peis can either have short fur or fur that is about 1 inch in length. Shar-peis also possess small eyes, blackish-blue tongues, sizable heads, dark coloration around their mouths and ears that are shaped similarly to triangles. As canines of this breed age, their wrinkles become gradually less prominent.

Basic Temperament

Shar-peis generally are considered to be obstinate, clever, vigilant, loyal, serene and confident dogs. As household pets, they tend to truly appreciate their owners. Despite this, they often are on the aloof side during encounters with new and unfamiliar people, but usually not for long. When it comes to defending family members, shar-peis are serious animals. Although they are not usually thought of as fierce dogs, thorough behavioral training during the puppy stage can be effective for encouraging positive lifelong behavior.


These pooches are essentially neat and tidy creatures, although they do require baths from time to time. Apart from bathing, it is important to trim their nails as necessary and to brush their fur once each seven days or so. Routine examinations of the "inner" portions of the loose skin are also necessary, as skin discomfort is a possibility.

Physical Fitness

Routine physical fitness is imperative for maintaining happy, healthy and well-behaved shar-peis. Lengthy outdoor walks -- on a daily basis -- generally are a good idea.

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