What Kind of Comb for a Cocker Spaniel?

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If you have a cocker spaniel in your household, making time for his grooming maintenance is a must, no matter how hectic life gets. One key step in proper grooming of your pooch is knowing what kind of comb to choose from among the many options available in stores.

American Cocker Spaniel Coat

Cocker spaniels exist in two breeds, the American and the English cocker spaniels. Their coats aren't exactly the same, although they both call for a good amount of upkeep. American cocker spaniels tend to have smooth and luxuriously textured fur. The hair is lengthy on their limbs and on the lower portions of their bodies, especially compared with that on their backs and heads. Their back limbs, bellies and ears feature markedly longer fur, commonly called "feathering." Colorwise, American cocker spaniels' coats are usually deep brown, black, pale beige, red or off-white. They also often appear in mixes of different colors, often even with white.

English Cocker Spaniel Coat

Although English cocker spaniels are a little bigger than the American breed, their coats aren't as long. Their fur is of moderate length, and has a soft and smooth feel to it. They also have feathering on their coats similar to American cocker spaniels'. English cocker spaniels have fur that is either reddish, reddish brown or black. Some of them feature more than one color on their coats.

American Cocker Spaniel Grooming Needs

Keep your American cocker spaniel's coat in tiptop condition by combing and brushing it about three times weekly. Wide-tooth combs usually work well for these spaniels, in conjunction with bristle brushes. When combing or brushing your pet's coat, always do so in the same direction it grows.

English Cocker Spaniel Grooming Needs

English cocker spaniels also need regular combing and brushing sessions -- think between two and three times weekly. Wide-tooth combs are also beneficial for the coats of English cocker spaniels. As for brushes, opt for either pin or slicker brushes. Cocker spaniels, American and English alike, need a lot of time and attention for coat maintenance. Professional trimming appointments at the groomers are also vital for them each couple of months or so.

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