Perfect Names for Silver Kittens

Each kitten deserves the right name.
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It's tempting to address your new kitten with cutesy noises, but she'll soon be a grown cat. The perfect name for her has to be one she can wear as an adult and one you won't be embarrassed to call out in front of friends and family.

Inspired By The Season

Silver brings up images of snow and cold, blizzard-like conditions. Stormy, Fog, Frost and Mist or Misty might all be the right name for your kitty -- in particular if she came into your life one chilly winter evening. Tinsel might be just the right name for a kitty who becomes a part of your family during the holidays.

Inspired By Stone

The earth can be a source of loveable kitten names. Pebble, Dusty and Sandy are all possibilities. Most exotic possibilities include foundation stones and building materials such as Granite, Slate, Graphite and Shale. These are particularly apropos for those silver or gray kittens already demonstrating their strong personalities.

Inspired By The Stars

Silver kittens can make you think of the starry-night sky. Constellation names such as Cassiopeia, Andromeda and Perseus are all naming possibilities, or bring stars in general to mind with Stella. To give your little one a mysterious allure, you can also name her Silver Ghost. Reflect the moon's glow with Luna.

Inspired By Color

Silver is, itself, an appropriate name for a silver kitten. You can also use Sterling, Sparkles, Crystal or variations of the word silver such as Argent -- the French word for Silver, which also means money -- and Plata, the Spanish word for silver.

Tips For Naming Your Kitten

Remember your kitty won't be a tiny ball of fluff forever. When choosing a name, think of one you could see her growing into. The name should be as appropriate for a 10-year-old cat as it is for a kitten whose age you're still counting in weeks.

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