Cute Names for White Kittens

Names can complement your kitty's coloring and personality.
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Choosing a name for a white kitten can be as agonizing as choosing a right shade of white for your apartment. With so many shades and names to choose from, you might find yourself tossing a coin between winter kitty and Arctic kitty, or did someone say "Magnolia?"

Flower Power

Flower names and kittens are a match made in heaven because both are gifts from nature. Flower names work best for female kittens -- if you called your little boy "Daisy," the neighborhood kitties would kid him to death. For a girl though, what could be more simple, fresh and unpretentious than Daisy? Camelia and Lily work well if your kitty is a delicate little flower. If you want to get literary, you could name your kitty Elaine, or Lainy for short, in honor of Tennyson’s famous lily maid. Getting a little more botanical, Cicely, in homage to the ethereal Sweet Cicely (Myrrhis odorta), is ideal for an angelic white kitten.

Male Kittens

When naming a white male kitten, you’ll find plenty of cute names to suit his coloring and personality. Wynn, Finbar, Dwight and Wapiti are all boys’ names meaning "white" or "fair." Mackinley, meaning “son of the white warrior,” might suit a feisty kitty, while a kitten filled with light and joy could be called Morgan, which means “great brightness.” Whitlock means “white lock of hair” and Whitman literally means “white man.”

Female Kittens

There are lots of girls' names meaning "white" or "fair" which you can adapt for your cute white kitten. Your little beauty would suit the name Kenzie, meaning “the fair one,” or Zuleika, which means “fair, brilliant and lovely.” Astrid means “fair, beautiful Goddess,” which is perfect if you absolutely worship your white fur ball. Cats, of course, are poetry in motion, so what better name than Ceri, which means “fair, blessed poetry?”

Winter Warmers

Snowball, Snow White, Snowflake, Frosty, Snowdrop and Snowy are common names for white cats, but if you want to get a little more exotic, how about Zima, which means "winter" in Russian? If Kitty is a little haughty and naughty, Snow Queen, after the wicked queen in Narnia, might be apt.

Luxury Items

Your soft, purring white kitten is a little luxury item, so why not name her after one? Wedgwood, the delicate blue and white china introduced in the 18th century, is perfect for a white kitten with beautiful blue eyes. If your idea of luxury is putting your feet up with a refreshing glass of white wine, think about Savvy, a diminutive for sauvignon blanc wine. If Baileys Irish Cream is one of your favorite special occasion tipples, consider calling your little darling Bailey.

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