Names for Yellow Parakeets

Some varieties of parakeets and budgies are mostly yellow.
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You have just brought home a new friend, a lively yellow parakeet. You want to give her the perfect name that suits both her looks and personality. Using just her color, you can search through several categories of words to find plenty of names to choose from.

Synonyms for Yellow

The color yellow has many shades, from a light pastel to a bright neon. A thesaurus will list many of these variations and some of them are perfect for the name of your parakeet. Amber, Blondie, Honey, Goldie and Tawny all describe shades of yellow.

Yellow in Other Languages

Some words that mean yellow in other languages can be used as fun and interesting parakeet names. In Hawaiian, Melemele means yellow, in Spanish, it is Amarillo and in Welsh, Melyn. You can also pick a word for something yellow – such as Sol, which means “sun” in Spanish.

Yellow Things

Name your parakeet after things that are yellow, such as flowers. These could include Daisy, Lily, Rose or Marigold. Daffy comes from daffodil. Yellow foods can inspire some names, Pepper, Pudding even Omelet! Anything yellow can inspire you — Cheddar, Bumblebee, Saffron, Popcorn. Many gems have yellow forms, including Jade, Sapphire, Crystal, Beryl and Topaz.

Words That Remind Us of Yellow

Some words don’t necessarily mean “yellow” but remind us of the color. Naming your parakeet Sunny can describe both your parakeet’s color and personality. So can Sparkle or Smiley. Other names that you might associate with yellow are Flame, Cupcake, Sweetie and Taffy. Midas and Goldilocks are two fairytale characters whose names have connections to yellow.

The Meaning of Yellow

The color yellow has both cultural uses and meanings. Some of the positive meanings can also be perfect parakeet names, such as Happy, Hope or Joy. To reflect the fact that yellow was at one time the Chinese color of royalty, you can choose Prince or Princess.

Songs With Yellow in Them

Several songs have yellow in their title, and can inspire parakeet names. You can call your bird “Tex” in honor of “The Yellow Rose of Texas.” Brick comes from “Follow the Yellow Brick Road” and Bitsy, Teeny and Bikini are cute names taken from “The Yellow Polka-Dot Bikini.”

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