Pekingese Hairstyles

It takes more than a ribbon to keep his hair looking good!
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Your small Pekingese is big on grooming requirements with his beautiful flowing coat. It is easy to spend more time on his hair than yours, so consider which hairstyle will work best for both of you.

Long and Natural

Nature made your Pekingese with a long thick coat with two layers. The long coarser outer coat and the soft thick undercoat will shed everywhere without dedicated daily brushing. If you are going to show your boy, you will have to keep the coat long, as any sign of trimming will bring penalties in the show ring. If you are not showing, you will find life easier if you get him trimmed.

Puppy Cut

Pekingese are well-suited to the “puppy cut” and if your boy is a pet, this is a low maintenance option. It is an all-over trim where the face, ears, body and legs are all trimmed, reducing the amount of daily grooming and reducing the leaves and dirt that your pooch will collect when out walking. Talk to your groomer about length requirements that suit your lifestyle and climate.

Lion Cut

The nickname “lion dog” for pekes comes from their courageous spirit. A popular cut is the “lion cut” which leaves the hair long around the face, neck and chest to look like a mane, plus a long tuft at the end of the tail, while the rest of the body is trimmed or shaved to make him look like the King of the Jungle. This keeps the cute peke face but keeps him cool for summer.


Consider your lifestyle and the time you are prepared to spend on grooming before deciding on your Pekingese hairstyle. Daily grooming is a necessity if he is kept natural, but with shorter cuts this can be reduced to a couple of times a week. Pekes are at risk of heatstroke in summer so if you are not showing getting him trimmed, at least in the warmer months, is the best option. No matter how he is cut you can still dress him up with hair bows when you're having a bonding session.

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