How to Find out What Food Your Cat Likes

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Unlike humans, you can't ask your kitty what type of food he likes best. Instead, you have to rely on his behavior when you offer him different types of food. A cat will ignore a meal he doesn't like and chow down on the chow he prefers.

Step 1

Ask the breeder or shelter from which you adopted your kitty what brand of food he was eating. He may have an existing preference for this particular brand or flavor of food.

This is especially true for younger kitties, because kittens tend to form most of their food preferences as youngsters, according to an article published in the December 2010 issue of "Compendium: Continuing Education for Veterinarians."

If you can't get this information, ask your veterinarian for some cat food recommendations.

Step 2

Purchase four to eight brands of cat food in different flavors to run some test feedings. Obtain just a couple of cans at a time and small bags of dry kibble in case your kitty doesn't like the flavors or brands you choose. If purchasing from your veterinarian, he may even be able to provide sample bags of food for you at little to no cost.

Step 3

Offer two of the foods you have picked out for your furry buddy in dishes next to each other during each of his feedings. If trying out canned cat foods, allow him to eat from his two dishes of canned food for 10 to 15 minutes at a time. If trying out dry food, you can leave out his dishes all day for him to sample. Repeat the trial for two to three days, in case your little one needs to get used to the foods before he develops a preference.

Whichever dish he eats from more is the food he likes best. Repeat this process for two to six other brands or flavors if you'd like. Take note of the food he prefers during each trial.

Step 4

Feed the preferred foods from your initial trials in groups of two, with each type in a dish next to the other, until you narrow it down to just one. See which one he eats most of to figure out which one he ultimately likes best from the group. Continue to feed the "winning" food to your little one, purchasing it in a larger amount.

Step 5

Change the flavors you feed your cat to prevent him from becoming finicky or bored of the food that he's eating. Rotate his foods every few weeks.

You may want to choose to feed the same brand of food in different flavors so these changes don't cause any stomach upset. You could also rotate the foods he initially preferred from your food trials.

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