How to Mount Dog Bowls

Eating from the floor can be hard on an older dog's back.
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Mounted dog bowls are easier on a large dog's back and can prevent playful or energetic dogs from scattering their food or water across the floor. With the right tools, setting up mounted dog bowls can be done in just a few minutes and could save you the hassle of cleaning up after each doggie meal.

Step 1

Choose a wall mounted feeder that works with your decor and has bowls of an appropriate size for your dog. If your dog gets both hard and wet food, you may be interested in a triple bowl feeder.

Step 2

Measure your dog's height at the shoulders and subtract 3 to 6 inches, 3 for small dogs and 6 for very large dogs. Your dog feeder should be mounted at this height. Place a mark on the wall in pencil so you know where it is.

Step 3

Position the feeder against the wall on the mark. Place a level across the bowls and adjust until the feeder is straight.

Step 4

Use a screw gun to attach the feeder to the wall. There should be holes already in place in the feeder to make this process easier. Press gently on the mounted dog bowls to make sure they are secure. Then fill them up and let your dog enjoy his new feeding area.

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