How to Make a PVC Cat Tower

Create a cozy cat tower from PVC.
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A PVC cat tower provides a fun and easy-to-clean play area with plenty of places to doze. Additional sections can be added to the middle of the tower or as side connections to accommodate multiple cats. You can customize the overall size of the tower to fit any size home.


Step 1

Cut the PVC into 24 10-inch sections.

Step 2

Cap four of the PVC pipes on one end. Insert the other end of each pipe into the straight-through section of a four-way fitting. These are the bottom legs.

Step 3

Connect the legs using four 10-inch pipes and the eight open 90-degree-angle ports on the four-way connectors. The tower should resemble a cube at this point.

Step 4

Repeat this process for the next two layers, using the three-way connectors for the top.


Step 1

Cut the fabric into three squares measuring 10 inches by 10 inches.

Step 2

Use the grommet kit to install a grommet in each corner of the fabric about 1.5 inches in from the corner. Follow the directions for the kit; depending on the type you may need a hammer.

Step 3

Tie the corners of the fabric to the frame of the tower using a zip tie or string on either side of the vertical pipes at each corner of the frame. This will prevent the fabric from bunching up when the cat lies on it.

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