How to Make a Pomeranian's Coat Shine

A beautiful coat begins with good nutrition and health.
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The Pomeranian is a small dog known for long, fluffy, creamy-to-golden hair. Keeping a Pom clean can be a challenge -- outdoors, these highly energetic dogs get dirty quickly and easily. However, with good care and grooming, a Pomeranian's coat can achieve a luster worthy of a show dog.

Step 1

Provide proper nutrition and exercise so your Pom can grow a healthy coat. If your little pal is eating poorly, overweight and inactive, all the grooming in the world will not help his coat look healthy, vibrant and shiny.

Step 2

Protect your Pomeranian against fleas, ticks and internal parasites that can cause poor health, dry skin and scratching, all of which are damaging to the coat.

Step 3

Brush your Pomeranian's coat twice a week. Use a comb to remove any tangles or mats first. Mix a small amount of conditioner and water in a spray bottle to spritz on the Pomeranian's hair before brushing with either a pin brush or bristle brush.

Step 4

Bathe your Pomeranian as needed with a shampoo formulated for long-haired dogs; don't use human shampoo, as it can dry his skin. Rinse his coat thoroughly to remove all soap residue from the fur; continue to rinse even after it appears the water is clear to make certain all soap has been removed from his coat.

Step 5

Rub a pet-formulated conditioner into your Pomeranian's coat after towel-drying. This will make his coat easier to comb out, and it will also add shine and luster to his fur.

Step 6

Spray your damp Pomeranian's fur with a "finishing spray" of the type used on many show dogs. These conditioning sprays are designed to add a shiny luster to the fur after it is dry.

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