How to Make Your Own Dog Fur Detangling Spray

Use the homemade detangling spray within a few hours after it is made.
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Every once in a while, your dog may find himself in a bit of a pickle with fur that needs a little assistance with becoming untangled. You can whip up your own detangling spray that will save the day. Regular brushing is also important to help keep the tangles away.

Gather Your Ingredients

A benefit to homemade detangling spray is that you can be sure it is sans chemicals and other additives, such as synthetic fragrances that may cause irritation. This recipe requires one cup water, one teaspoon aloe vera gel, one teaspoon of coconut oil and three drops of glycerin. Aloe vera gel is calming and soothing. Coconut oil provides slippage and moisture. Glycerin is an emulsifier that works well to blend all the products together. Glycerin can be found in any drug store or health food store.

Mix It Up

Poor the water into a spray bottle. Melt the coconut oil to a liquid consistency and allow it to cool before adding it to the bottle. Mix in the glycerin and aloe vera gel. Give the bottle a good shake for one to two minutes to ensure that all the products are blended together. Keep the mixture in an air-tight spray bottle at room temperature.

Use Quickly

Although there are many positives to whipping up dog detangler at home, it must be used within a short amount of time after it is made. It doesn't contain preservatives and because of this, germs can easily make their way into the spray and set up house. Using the spray more than a few hours after it has been made can be unsafe for Max.

Keeping Your Buddy Tangle-Free

Treat your furry guy or gal to regular grooming sessions. This will help keep tangles at bay before they begin. For long-haired breeds and dogs who are outside a lot, regular brushing and a detangling spray may not be enough to send the tangles packing. They may need to see a professional groomer unless you are well-versed in the art of doggy haircuts or trimming.

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